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Developing Good Dental Hygiene In Children

Young girl brushing teeth

Children today, lead very busy lives, running between classes and trying to follow their hobbies as well. That is why it becomes a tendency among them to consume more-than-comfortable amounts of fast food and other junk food as they spend most of the time outside their respective homes.

That is why, ensuring that your children develop a good dental hygiene is all the more important. Not only will it help them stick to this healthy habit later on in life, but will also help them protect their teeth in the early years of their lives, when they are more prone to consuming large amounts of chocolates and candies that wreck havoc on their teeth.

How to help them pick up good dental hygiene?

We hope you know that it takes only 21 days to make a practice a habit. That is why, just like you potty train your kids every morning, it is equally important to make them develop the habit of brushing.

Ensure that every morning after breakfast and at night before hitting the bed, your children brush their teeth, slowly and carefully. This way, in some time, they will automatically start brushing their teeth at these times.

How to make the process easier?

Just remember the following tips to help make the process of developing good dental hygiene a phase filled with fun and laughter.

  1. Get colourful and attractive toothbrushes for your children with soft bristles.
  2. Set a timer to ensure that they brush their teeth for two minutes every time they brush their teeth as that is the recommended time period.
  3. Give them small treats or pat them on their backs when they remember to brush their teeth on time.
  4. Try to brush your teeth along with your children as they tend to learn by example and not your advice.
  5. Sing songs and make sure they understand how beneficial this small, but important habit can be.

Guidance for parents

Your children will not remember your instructions, but will certainly easily pick up the practice if you brush along with them as actions speak louder than words. If they see you brushing your teeth twice a day, following the right techniques, rest assured, your children will develop good dental hygiene habits that will only be helpful for them in the future.

If they start taking good care of their teeth from an early age, they will tend to have healthier and stronger teeth.

Don’t forget to tell them how important flossing is as well. Flossing helps clean those impossible areas where your toothbrushes don’t reach. That is why developing a habit of flossing teeth is as important as brushing, if not more.

The combination of brushing and flossing, along with using the right mouthwash, gives your teeth and gums the overall protection that they need.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to take them for regular dental check-ups every six months. Dental check-ups only complement all the effort that you and your children take in brushing and flossing their teeth.

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