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Foods That Give You A Whiter Teeth

Girl smiling while eating a salad

While you might love to splurge on your Subway meal, did you know that eating the right food isn’t just good for your health, it can also help you maintain healthy and whiter teeth?

While cutting down on sugar-loaded chocolates and carbonated drinks can help minimize the stain on your teeth, there are some healthy choices that you can make that can give you pearly-white gnashers.

This is a vegetable that makes you chew a lot and that is great for your teeth. This is because the longer it takes for you to chew your food, the more saliva is secreted in your mouth. This is good for your teeth as saliva acts as a natural cleanser for your teeth and ensures that they shine bright every time you smile!

Strawberries have been hailed to be one of the best fruits for healthy and glowing skin. However, there is another secret benefit hidden in this fruit that many of us are not aware of.

Strawberries contain magic acid, which is known to whiten your teeth naturally. So if you’re worried about your teeth losing their shine, you know which fruit you must reach out for!

  1. Dairy products:

Mom was always right! Consuming dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese is good for your teeth as it is loaded with two very important ingredients for healthy and shiny teeth – lactic acid and calcium – which are known to strengthen your teeth while simultaneously making them whiter.

In fact, we have some brilliant news for you – you can now consume your favorite cheese happily as chewing cheese, just like in point number 1, will lead to more secretion of saliva that will further clean your teeth.

By now you must know how chewy foods are good for naturally cleansing your teeth by promoting the secretion of saliva. That is the precise reason why apples and carrots have made it to this list. These are some really chewy choices that scrub away at your teeth and thereby, promote more saliva as well as naturally scrubbing them.

We know you’re really surprised with this one. After all, onions give you an unbearable breath! Well, let us first tell you, that this is a good thing because you will make the effort of brushing your teeth after consuming onions because of this exact reason.

Also, onions contain sulfur compounds, that prevent plaque from forming on your teeth. The only drawback is that you can derive this benefit only if you eat them raw.

Not just fluffy cakes, but baking soda can help you come one step closer to achieving that pearly white smile. Just brush your teeth with baking soda in the morning and it will act as a bleaching agent, whitening your teeth and will also help fight off plaque and stains.

Drinking water can do wonders for your skin, health and teeth. Whenever you’re drinking wine, or highly pigmented foods, sipping water in between frequently, helps prevent the stain from building up.
Just remember that still water will help you out here and not sparkling as the bubbles will just cause further erosion of the enamel and harm your teeth.

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